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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cake balls !!! Yummy for everyone * recipe

these are an absolute hit
a dessert for everyone
warnimg these are messy to make I wore gloves
* cake balls *
box of vanilla cake mix
1 (16 oz) of cream cheese frosting
chocolate to melt to coat balls ( I used chocolate Bark )
pop sicle sticks
** directions **
make cake as directed on cake box
let cool slightly Ingredients
crumble warm cake into a large bowl then
pour frosting in the bowl with cake and mix well
form balls , to place on waxed paper I placed popsicle sticks in rolled cake balls
freeze for several hrs or until the next day
melt chocolate and cover cake balls in melted chocolate
then sprinkle whatever you desire on them
suggestions * I made several different kind
white chocolate, dark choc, milk choc, crushed peanuts , color sprinkles
anything you would like
enjoy !!! these are delish !!!!!!


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  4. Laurie~
    This blog is wonderful. Once I can move around again, I really want to try making these cake balls. Congrats and good luck with the blog:) Hugs!