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Monday, November 21, 2011

Unveiling of my craft room ** A dream come true

I am showing a few different angels of my craftroom , The zebra print is a rug in front of teh closet dooor the wall next to teh closet is black because that is a chalk board paint on the wall , the entry door , closet doors and the baseboards are painted black and then we sprinkled silver glitter that is found in the paint section of lowes on top of the black paint . A girl must have glitter :)
I have a star hook for my aprons to hang

the eiffel tower & polk a dot print is my drapes , they are not hanging yet but wanted to show everyone
Kevin built both cabinets for me and they hold alot of my supplies
the hand print was my husbands idea so we will always have bronson's hand print on my craftroom wall
I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of my craftroom


  1. Very nice, love the pink walls, and the big long table what a fantastic room.

  2. Wow, Laurie, you did a beautiful job on your craft room and that table is to die for. What an awesome touch to have Bronson's handprints on the wall.

  3. Love it! Hope I get to come create in there with you one day! ;)

  4. How lovely, I love the color and Bronson's hand prints on the wall. So adoptable.

    Oh how I would love to have that work table. and your cabinets are great too.

    Very nice touch with the curtains. It is a great work area, hope you have lots of time to enjoy it.

    You did a wonderful job.

    Judy L <><

  5. looks like you are set for a Stampin up! workshop!